Thursday, 20 November 2008

I want cake!!! Really!!! (From Thog's Blog 20/11/2008)

Denkai's making cake tonight, albeit with chickpeas so it's "healthy", nevertheless there should be a decent bit of lemon curd to give it some flavour.
This cake has been made despite the fact that it took me an hour to get some baking powder, going to two corner shops, and two Asdas before finding some at Tescos. I bought two tubs in case one wasn't enough because there was NO WAY I was going out again! As it turns out Denkai only needed two teaspoons of baking powder so we now have enough baking powder to make around 50 cakes, something which I don't mind at all.
Have you folks been on the guild website by the way?
All good guilds have a website. And so does Guild Ravenswing! Find it
It's got loads of good stuff on it, like articles, questions, a decent forum... the list goes on and on.
Yes, you do need to register on the website. That's just so we know its guildies on the site, not just anyone.
The website is used for guild announcements, because it's a good way of a message being available. Guildies come on and offline all the time and there's no chance of getting all 170-odd accounts which are in the guild online at the same time. And it's handy if anyone wants to ask a question, other people can log on and answer it another day.
Why not pop on the forum and say hi - I'll be looking for you! :)

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