Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Man down! (From Thog's Blog 25/11/2008)

I write this at half 8 in the morning on Tuesday. This is unusual for me as I should be at work, but I managed to hurt my back after playing football last night. As a result I can't press the pedals in my car. At any rate, I am able to sit at my computer at home and get some work done, plus obviously I can write my blog :)
So levelling on Thog has slowed a little - I'm 74 at the minute, and I've taken some time out to play my DK, which I do love. Denkai dinged 80 last night so she's now ready to go to Naxx along with her guild, I've got a little way to go yet!
How is everyone finding the new expansion? Obviously we were all excited when it was first released, are you loving levelling again or are you a bit stationary at the minute and finding it harder than you expected? Comment my blog with your thoughts.
Right, I wanted to tell you a bit about how you can get free stuff if you're levelling (maybe useful for all you Death Knights out there!)
The group of hardy fighters faced their final enemy deep in the depths of the Mechanar.
"Aconite, you charge in and keep Mr Calculator busy. Mason, blast him from afar. Ravanna sheep anything in the way. Thog, just shoot the bugger and try not to hit the sheep this time!"
Greby slammed down some totems and the group attacked.
"I've been waiting for you," Panthaleon said as he started duelling Aconite.
All too soon Panthaleon the Calculator, tired of the arrows jabbing themselves into his chest, dodged past Aconite and headed for Thog.
"You've got aggro Thog! Run towards the tank!" Greby yelled but all too soon Thog was laid on the ground, a mess of bones and nasty orcness.
"Looks like you lose." Panthaleon observed, before picking his next target.
"He's on me!" Mason yelled. One slice straight through her mana shield and she was on the ground too, hit too hard and too quickly for her to Ice Block.
Ravanna blinked and ran, Greby on his tail as Aconite tried to hold the boss away from the others.
Aconite fell after a couple more blows.
Ravanna tried to blink again but Panthaleon drained his mana and lobbed an elemental at the mage, bringing him down.
All too soon, Greby felt the blow on his back from Panthaleon's sword, and he hit the ground.
As the final blow came towards his face, he yelled out.
Yes folks, as that little story shows, we're short of tanks and healers, especially at the top end.
As a result, we're going to help death knights, warriors, priests, paladins, druids and shamans that little bit more on their levelling way, in the hopes that in return they'll help us in the tougher instances by keeping us alive!
This promotion is open to those of Flyer or higher rank, for them to create a character of that rank and to level it, or to level one that they already have.
When you hit level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 with one of those classes, send a mail to Teenraven, who will reply with a stack of free stuff for you!
You must have at least one character in the guild of at least Flyer rank.
The character you want free stuff for must be in the guild.
Only one character per account can get free stuff. We who know you are.
It isn't guaranteed what you'll get - it depends on what is in supply. If there is something in particular you want, please say in your mail and we'll see what we can do.
You are responsible for mailing Teenraven and asking for stuff. Don't expect free stuff without asking.
When the character reaches level 80, if it is not healing or tank-specced there will be an expectation of you to re-spec to healing or tanking.

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