Thursday, 27 November 2008

ThogBlog Number 2... (From Thog's Blog 27/11/08)

Well, I saw my doctor last night, for the first time ever he simply got a sick note and started to write, so I find myself with a week off work, and a bit of a painful back. Having to exercise it a fair bit, at least I'm able to entertain Denkai by crying out in pain every time I sneeze.
I've started writing my new blog on, check it out at
I am planning to keep both blogs running at this time as I am a chatty bloke and on this blog things will be a little more guild orientated.
Which brings me to my next topic...
What are the guild ranks? What do all these names mean? We often get asked for clarification about the ranking system, so I thought I'd help out a little.
The Guild Ranks (from top to bottom) are:
Corvus - this is the Guild Master. Only two people have ever been Corvus, Khat and myself (myself for when we're running a guild auction)
Purser - this is a senior officer within the guild, with a special responsibility for maintaining the guild vault.
Executive - this is a senior officer within the guild, with a special responsibility, such as Guild Purifier, or Raid Organiser (Rhinoboy)
Leader - this is a senior officer within the guild. They can be relied on to guide the guild when the Guild Master is not online (it should be noted that the named Guild Master is often on as an alt)
Revered One - this is an officer within the guild. To reach this level the person must have demonstrated consistently their reliability, maturity, good nature and overall nice-person-ness.
Veteran - this is a junior officer within the guild. People at this rank have demonstrated their reliability, maturity, good nature and so on, and have often been in the guild for a decent period of time.
Wise One - this is the most senior rank before becoming an officer. To reach this the person must be a reliable member of the guild. Many guildies stay at this rank for a long period of time.
Flyer - at this rank are typically those who show some promise within the guild. Again, It is not unusual to spend a fairly long time at this rank.
Youngling - one step up from the lowest rank, this is the first step on the ladder of promotion.
Just Hatched - the initial entry point into the guild, mostly the only people that stay at this rank are those that are not active within the guild. It is also a trial rank - behave if you are at this rank, the only rank below this one is "Kicked!"
It is important to note that ranks are not reached by being a certain level character. Everyone new enters at Just Hatched, and isn't going to go up the ranks unless they are friendly and helpful. Asking for a promote, boosts, or gold, isn't a fast-track to promotion (despite the fact that loads of guildies seem to think it is!)
Hold on. I want to stress that last bit. Over and over and over guildies ask "Can I get a promote" or "Can I have some gold" or "Boost me through Wailing Caverns over and over again" and they can't figure out why they don't get promoted. If I go to my boss at work, and tell him to promote me, I would get told off and I would deserve it.

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