Friday, 24 August 2012

A Day Out

Had an excellent day today out at Robin Hoods Bay with my dad, checking out a couple of pubs and a few shops.

Despite raining we were determined to enjoy our day at the seaside and enjoy it we did - here's my dad carrying out some impromptu testing on behalf of Ye Dolphin:

Whilst I decided, being the designated driver, to cool down by the assimilation of ice cream through osmosis into my hand.

All things taken into consideration it was a good day - a very decent "pig out grill" at Ye Dolphin, followed up by a trip to The Laurel.  It's strange how Bay affects me - I assume it's something to do with the place itself, coupled with regular visits for over half of my life - but I always feel at home in Bay, relaxed and safe.  Endless afternoons talking nonsense in The Laurel over a pint or two, playing on the beach... it's just such a nice place to be.  I often hear seagulls in a morning near my house and that always reminds me of staying in cottages at Bay, waking in the morning to the cries of the gulls.  I felt a little guilty for being extremely quiet today (I think I was anyway) but the feeling of being relaxed was so good I was lulled into peacefulness (no I don't mean I had a nap)

I did amuse myself today with the strategic placement of QR codes in places around Bay.

A QR code pointing back to this website - although I kind of imagine it being a 4-eyed alien that's been shot in the bottom right eye.

I've placed copies of my blog's QR code inside a book in one of the book shops, in some of the pubs, possibly in one or two other places as well.  I'm hoping that the code by itself with no explanation will spark some curiosity and get people coming here to find out what's going on.  If you stumbled across my blog after finding such a code, welcome! And do feel free to drop a comment about where you found it (and then maybe check out the very good adverts on my pages too)

As an aside, if anyone really really wants to dish out some QR codes for me drop me a mail with your postal address - I'll send you some.  Just be thoughtful about where you put them - I'm aiming for strange and bizarre and making people curious - not annoying them by sticking one under their car wiper blade.

Changing the subject completely, I've just read an article by Mark Hill on the 6 most absurdly difficult video game puzzles of all time.  It's well worth a read, the bizarreness of the puzzles (especially numbers #1 and #2) are hilarious and I couldn't stop myself from laughing at the last one.  And it's amazing what you can do with sellotape, a cat and a packet of syrup.

Finally, has anyone not seen the bizarre music video "Gangnam Style" by Psy?  It's a extremely strange yet very very funny video by a South Korean rapper - I must admit to being relieved when I checked (albeit on Wikipedia) that he is well known for his humorous videos.  I recommend 1:54 in the lift.

Right - time for me to crack on with watching the Guild!

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