Thursday, 23 August 2012

How is Wil Wheaton 40?!?

Been watching a lot of the Guild this evening, so far I'm into season Three and I just spotted in the credits a certain Mr Wil Wheaton.  Now I've never really noticed Wil in anything since Star Trek; TNG many many years ago (Wednesday nights at 6pm on BBC2 when I was about ten - joy!  We didn't have a video recorder though so bizarrely I used to tape record the show, so I could listen to it and imagine what happened!) but this is more down to my lack of facial recognition capability than Wil's lack of talent.

Visiting his blog ( has brought me up to date on his work - note he's been wearing a beard from time to time, again how am I supposed to recognise people when they change their appearance?  When the Data guy did stuff without painting his skin gold it took me ages to spot him too.

He's forty - oh my god, because I still think of him as Wesley Crusher I imagine him being 15 or so - and actually pretty cool.  One to follow on Twitter, I think.

The other noteworthy thing for today is when I went to the local Sainsburys store to get some bits for dinner, I was searching for cottage cheese (which took ages because I wasn't wearing my glasses) and the shop assistant next to me starting kicking off about liver, and how it looks disgusting.  He then apologised for being random!  Bless the guy, I wish my mind worked quicker (one reason I'm not a stand up comic - if I got heckled it'd be two days later when I thought of a good comeback) because I should have told him that random is good.  Damn, we're on this planet for a short time, and if you feel an urge to be random then be random.  Random's what I love about i-series and I wish I could get some more randomness.



  1. Wheaton's been a bit of a mini-cult commentator for a number of years now. His columns for Suicide Girls were quite entertaining. Honestly, I only read the site for articles.

  2. Wil wheaton has been popping up all over the place in tv and internet seriesesisisis

  3. Khat (aka my mum) thinks Wil is quite attractive now apparently. Too much information.


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