Monday, 3 September 2012

Why is a toothpick cool?

Coolness is a strange beast.

Someone with a toothpick hanging out the corner of their mouth has a certain "coolness" about them.  But surely this is a bad idea!  All you need is a shock or a coughing fit and you'd risk lacerating the inside of your mouth with a sharpened wooden miniature javelin?

And why a toothpick? Why not a spoon?  Or a pizza cutter?

From time to time I come across people who are naturally cool. Their hair falls into cascading waves, their smile turns their intended target to jelly and they inevitably work as a DJ or Motorbike Tester. Thinking about it, I’ve never met a Motorbike Tester – surely Motorbike companies must have them? They can’t just stick two wheels on a big engine, sell it to the first random person that walks past and look to see if it works?


So, what's worth checking out today?  Well, there's rather a cool infographic (picture with information on it here - it shows how the Internet has changed over the last ten years.  I particularly like the picture of the old Yahoo! site - it reminds me of when I first used the Internet!

I'm getting very tempted to restart my World of Warcraft subscription but I'm just worried about the time it could eat up - for those who haven't played it, World of Warcraft is a very addictive game where you join a fantasy world, along with thousands of other gamers (altogether there is something like 12 million subscribers to the game) to complete quests, kill monsters, and pick up loot.  It is very good indeed and I've played it on and off these last five years.

Anyway, it's a bit of a short post tonight because I'm going to have a play at doing some computer games reviews to go on YouTube - all being well I'll post a link to some tomorrow!

Cheers, Thog

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