Friday, 11 January 2013

Sprinkle of Glitter mixed with ingame genocide


It's cold!  I had to de-ice cars on Thursday, which is never a good sign!

My son started at a new class yesterday to help with his speech development.  The class is run by the charity KIDS  and seems to be really good, they do a mixture of songs, playing, arts and crafts, having a snack, and music all jammed into ninety minutes of activity.  He was seriously knackered afterwards and it took place when he usually grabs an afternoon nap - after the class we popped to see my parents and he wasted no time in snuggling under a load of covers and catching forty winks!

I'd like to point peoples attention to a rather decent YouTube channel called Sprinkle of Glitter run by a mum called Louise.  I must admit I stumbled across the channel somewhat by accident (I think I clicked on someone elses video on another channel, looked at another one of their videos and saw Louise on there, she seemed pretty funny so I checked her channel out.  It's not my usual choice of channel at all but it's actually really interesting and I've enjoyed listening to a lot of her videos, especially the ones with her friend Zoella!

When I say listen to YouTube videos, I mean listen.  I like to have something going on in the background while I'm playing a game, and my current game of choice is a rather old one called Space Empires III.

Space Empires III is a turn based space strategy game where you basically conquer the galaxy.  You colonise planets, destroy enemy spaceships, muck about in politics, all kinds of fun controlly stuff.  It does get quite involved, especially once your empire gets bigger you can spend loads of time tweaking the productivity of your planets one-by-one, but it is rather cool if you like that sort of thing.

Space Empires 3
Trust me - I'm about to kick some ass.

I do tend to role play the game, though.

What I mean by that is I tend to keep notes on how my empire is doing and what my plans are.  For example in my current game:

Stardate 2402.3 - The foolish Levolrie declared war.  We promptly destroyed one of their minor colonies!  A slight concern is that their vessels appear to have significantly better shields than ours, and because we've invested so heavily in our colonisation programme we don't immediately have the resources to defeat these aliens.

No progress regarding the Eteru, they appear to be xenophobic and I fully expect them to attack when they are ready.

Stardate 2402.6 - The Eteru wiped out a minor colony we had in the Ulrikan system.  Bizarrely the Levolrie have not acted yet, but their ships are all around our colonies.  I am ordering colonies to begin the construction of fighters to act as defenses while we build and mobilise a defense fleet.

Stardate 2402.8 - Our defenses continue to build and as our colonies develop our resources become greater and free up to allow the construction of ships to intercept and destroy the alien invaders.

Stardate 2404.0 - The Levolrie have started to suffer losses to our forces.  We have captured and deconstructed two of their vessels, aiding our research channels.  We have also conquered one of their colonies and have no reason to assume that we cannot, given time, swallow their entire empire whole.

I have slight concerns around the Eteru - although they have not chanced upon our space yet I feel it is only a matter of time and indeed have seen ships of theirs only 1 system away.  We do have a defense fleet building that will bring them to their knees but at this time it is not quite ready.

Stardate 2404.1 - The Gamalon system has been cleansed of Levolrie control.  However, the Eteru (and another alien race not yet contacted) moves closer to our colonies on the eastern edge of our control.

Stardate 2404.2 - The unidentified alien race has been now named as the Memnorak.  They have entered the Dtarkn system, where our colonies are still poorly defended.  I hope to stall them using diplomacy while our defenses are fortified.  I see more and more evidence of significant Eteru forces that will pose a significant threat.

Stardate 2404.3 - Diplomacy didn't work.  The Memnorak have, without provocation, wiped out one of our colonies and destroyed two of our ships without breaking a sweat.  The Dtarkn system has been declared as a lost cause.  We are sending mine layers to blockade the warp point from Dtarkn to Xzintus to protect our ship building yards there.

Stardate 2404.6 - The Dtarkn system has, to be frank, got off lightly.  Rather than cause total genocide the Memnorak wiped out two colonies, and have apparently fallen back, possibly to rearm.  However, this does not mean that the system is safe.  That said, one of our task forces has now entered the system including a group of our new Sovereign class Battleships that I hope will be a match for the enemy vessels.  But yet more new aliens appear to be headed for the Dtarkn system, all I can think is that it is some kind of conspiracy between these various races to work together for our annihilation.

The elimination of the Levolrie on our Western front carries on unhindered.

Any comments? :)

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