Saturday, 19 January 2013

Warning! Contains words!

I was removing the wrapping from a couple of pizzas today (not both for me, only one is for me, yes it is the meat feast one, yes I do have wasabi sauce to put on it)

wasabi sauce
Wasabi Sauce - makes everything... hotter
Anyway, I digress.  I happened to read the labels on the pizzas just in case there was cooking instructions (yes, I can cook a pizza without instructions, but if there ever are cooking instructions I like to read them), and I noticed the following text:


Now, I personally think some of the other warnings found are overkill.  When milk bottles warn that they contain milk, or bags of peanuts may contain nuts, I think it's pretty silly.  I can understand why the company made the decision to put it on, but even so.

But this is surely just lazy!

"Contains Allergens". So basically, because pretty much anything could be an allergen to someone, they're saying that you might be allergic to something in this food.

Not very helpful!  It's a sign to me of a poor consideration of health & safety.

Health & safety, which is blamed for all kinds of silly decisions, is not a bad thing.  The problem is when people fail to keep it in proportion.

Sometimes risks can't be removed altogether, and you have to accept a level of risk.  You can't absolutely remove the risk of being in a car accident, but do you have a massive label on the front of your car when you buy it saying "Warning - using this car may result in death or serious injury"?!?

No, you accept the risk.

Rant over!

For those interested in a bit of geeky history, why not pop over to where you can find some of the first web pages made.  I found it very interesting to check out what the Internet looked like at such an early stage.

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