Thursday, 21 March 2013

And lo...

 I've just eaten more sausages!  We bought three different types from Fields of Anlaby at the weekend, and my other half didn't like the ones that she thought that she'd like - so I get all the others!  Very tasty!!  These ones were all peppery and made a great toasted sandwich.

Are you doing anything for International TableTop Day?  Don't forget it's just over a week away.

Okay, tonight I'm handing over to my dad for his guest post!


 And lo, the lady of the house did need to speak with her friend Carolynn to arrange an exchange of presents as they both had birthday celebrations in the near future.

Ring – ring, ring – ring (etc)

“Hello … tattle, prattle, mattle, rattle, gossip, mumble, bumble, rumble, whiter, bitter, mitter, ditter critter and whitter, mumble, she said what?

Mumble, mumble, prat, lat, bat, gnat, tat,
oh I know,
oh I know,
oh I know,
whitter etc”

(add liberal pauses, ‘yeses’, ‘reallies’, etc etc

30 mins later, an agitated male character takes the phone in a forthright manner and speaks –

“Hello Carolynn, are you well?”

“Er.. yes, quite well”

“Excellent, so am I!”

(puzzled laughter at other end of phone)

“It’s birthday time soon, are we going to meet up or shall we send stuff through the post?”

“Oh meet up, that sounds much nicer”


Male hands phone back to female partner and then wanders away muttering -

“There you are, 30 seconds chat, essential information exchanged .. all good!”

Needless to say it took the ladies another 15 minutes to decide what day the meeting would take place, but I was pleased to have advanced the process somewhat.

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