Monday, 25 March 2013

Why do bags of revels include the nasty ones?

Why do bags of revels include the nasty ones?

Surely you want to make your product as attractive as possible to buy?  But revels flavours comprise of   raisin (nice), maltesers (good), chocolate (good), toffee (favourite), orange (can take it or leave it), and coffee (just wrong and already once voted out in 2008)

Very strange.

Have you prepared for International TableTop Day?  This Saturday, play some board and card games with your friends and family, whether it's at a big public event, or just around the table at home.  Looking forward to mine.

I've been getting some good feedback about my slanket video - if you've not seen it yet, why not watch it below:

Finally, have you tried Wolfram Alpha? Wolfram Alpha isn't a search engine, it's a computational knowledge engine, and it's designed to answer questions in free-form e.g. answer questions asked the same way you would ask another human.  I tried it out...

It doesn't know how tall Justin Bieber is.
It does know who Wil Wheaton is, and how tall he is (and lots more about him)

So far I'm liking it.

Unfortunately if you ask "who is Justin Bieber" it is able to answer that.

I asked "how many pounds do you get for 100 dollars" and it said that it didn't understand my question, but then said that I'd get £65.86 for 100 dollars, so I assume it's basically (in a computer way) said "What did you say again?  Oh hang on I know what you mean..."

I then asked "what is the best cheese" (which I'd accept mature cheddar, wensleydale, or a stilton) but it answered that it didn't have any data available, and showed me an advert of a land rover.

The best question to ask is "Are you skynet?" - see the answer here.

Have fun!

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