Sunday, 21 April 2013

A rant video and condensed milk

I've got a new video up!  I had the house to myself last night so spent the time recording a rant about cleaning the attic.  Check it out below:

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In other news, my other half has succeeded in handling the tricky problem of the six pint milk bottle.

We've had a six pinter in the fridge for a few days now.  Because it's so large, we've had to store it horizontally, with a tub of houmous underneath the top end so that it's angled sufficiently for the milk not to leak out.

Anyway, now that the bottle is sufficiently empty, this happened to it:

crushed milk bottle
Witnesses wanted for cruel attack on milk bottle

So now it fits!

"I'll never be the same again" the poor victim said.

Final news - been playing the new Counterstrike: Global Offensive.  It's great and is a huge improvement on previous Counterstrikes, yet is essentially just tinkering with the old formula.  There's one or two new weapons, a few new maps, but a lot of the game will be familiar to you if you played the old Counterstrike games, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - at least you aren't at a disadvantage to people that have learned the new maps because everyone remembers de_dust!!

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