Monday, 1 April 2013

April fools and CS Source fun

Firstly, my blog blasted through 5000 views.  Thanks to everyone who's taken their time to come and check it out.  Do by all means subscribe (if you want to and have an RSS feeder) and indeed if you just can't get enough (unlikely I know) there is my YouTube channel as well, which has reached the heights of four subscribers (hi Krause House of Cards and Games) - you could be number five!  Exciting eh.

Quick as an aside - here in the UK 80s/90s hit PJ & Duncan has rocketed back to the top of the charts with their song "Let's Get Ready to Rhumble" (I did have their album so no PJ & Duncan haters please) - but check out the picture below.

It's not that clear on the small image above (but click on it and you should get a full-size one) but I like how the number one picture is really pixelated, probably because they've had to find a picture of the single on the Internet.  It's all good.

I'm not doing an April Fools today (although I did try to convince my other half that World of Warcraft patch 5.3 included a PvP Boxing arena and that it would be called Fists of Pandaria), all I'll say is that I knew straight away that Google Nose was fake.  Obviously Google can't transmit some kind of smell to you without you having some kind of smell-generating hardware.

Mmm... the smell of an empty beer bottle

I totally didn't smell my screen just in case.

So anyway...

The other day, we went shopping.  And we bought a lot of things.

But it was Good Friday and the shops were packed with people, which has the effect of stressing me out, so I tend to rush around the shop, get everything I can as quickly as possible so I can then get out of there.

As a result, when I packed the shopping, I hadn't brought my A-Game with me.

The bread didn't do too well.

And then I got told off for buying the wrong sort of bread anyway.

Me and my best mate (Dustyweaver) played some CS: Source the other night.  Had a great time on an empty server where bots were activated so that there was a minimum of 2 people on each side, so we were basically versus each other with a bot sidekick.

The first map we played was a bomb map, and while Dusty had the trusty Jeff at his side, I had Tyler.

Tyler was the Chuck Norris of bots.  Generally ignoring me, he would basically venture out, tooled up, and waste both Dusty and Jeff without any help from me.  In ten rounds he died once.  That clues you into just how tough Tyler was.

Yeah. Tyler became Dusty's nemesis.  And stayed his nemesis.  I'm in the green outfit on the right, feeling a little uncomfortable at being the sidekick of a computer-controlled terrorist.

Dusty's ally Jeff, on the other hand, wasn't really the sharpest bot on the Internet.  He used the tactic of running around with a shotgun, firing at us at long range with that well-known sniper ability of a shotgun, and pretty much missed everything.  That is, except when he got close up.

Then he changed to a pistol.  Because a shotgun wouldn't work would it?

Even with a pistol, Jeff the Bot occasionally got lucky.  But not very often.
The best moment I remember was when both me and Dusty were dead, the bomb was planted at a bomb site and Tyler was defending.  Me and Dusty watched Jeff jog up, pistol in hand, stand next to Tyler, pistol basically in Tyler's ear, and then decide to go and defuse the bomb.  Tyler, unsurprisingly alerted to Jeff's presence by feeling a pistol rub against his head, turned round and blew Jeff away.

Here's a few screenshots from later maps.

Me having killed Dusty and his bot mate John.  His bot friend, when faced with me, turned around and ran at Dusty, blocking his view.  So I could slaughter them both in a row.  Thanks John the Bot!

When I had Jeff the Bot on a later level, he was ace.  He carried a rifle and everything.
Cory the Bot I suspect was the reincarnation of Tyler.

In the end me and Dusty ended up on the same time, facing two bots.  We didn't do very well.

Me and Dusty are thinking about doing some shows on YouTube where we talk about games, we'll do it as a live stream.  Nothing planned at this point but I'll keep you informed.  Any suggestions feel free to get in touch.

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