Friday, 19 April 2013



I always feel more creative in a morning.

That is, when I'm not running around getting ready for work and/or looking after my son.

So to be more precise I feel more creative in a morning roughly once a fortnight.


Also I'm better at Candy Crush Saga in a morning - just finished a level that I've been stuck on for like a week.

On with the post!

Firstly, we've got a new G4C event going ahead in Leeds on May the 9th, from 5.30pm.  G4C, you may be aware, is about the new generation of construction sector workers entering the profession, be they newly qualified and recently started work, or still students.  This event we're looking at how to manage risk and avoid disputes in construction, particularly relating to contracts.  Contracts are extremely important in construction and not being aware of how a contract should operate can skew the costs, for any party involved in a contract, significantly, and create a lot of extra work for everyone.

As I say it's a free event so if you're interested in attending register at

I spotted an article on Yahoo today about the worlds oldest person, in Japan, has just turned 116.  Not that I want to be overly morbid, but I do think it's beneficial to bear in mind your own mortality.

We all were born.  And we will all die (excluding the possibility of Google Reincarnation, where Google sends nanites around your body to accurately and exactly map its state, and then activates it as a psuedo-living being on a server somewhere that your descendants can interact with for free - as long as you're happy to see an advert for Google Adwords first).  I'm - to my mind - a fairly cautious individual.  And I've been able to better balance my decisions with the thought "well I'm only going to be around for another 50-60 years maximum, so if I want to do something, and there isn't any REALLY bad sideeffects such as blowing the house up, lets do it" so I've been able to use it to make better decisions and be more extrovert as a result.

And of course when we die, that isn't really the end.  Our actions while alive will go on to have their effect in the future.  The people we were nice to, the things we helped create, the actions we took, the world we improved, will carry on.

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