Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Adventures in Norfolk - Part Two!

Here's a puzzle for you - what's the meaning of the word "Quaggled"?  The answer will be in my next blog post!

So, what else did we experience in Norfolk?  Hmm.  I unfortunately didn't get a photo of the guys dressed up as druids in Norwich that had built a go kart and was preparing to ride it down a hill.

I'm not sure exactly what the deal was, but I think it was Norfolk Asparagus Month or something - everywhere had asparagus for sale - this is one of the tamer signs:

Not convinced by the "tender".  I actually quite like asparagus but I would never think to call it tender.  Maybe I cook it wrong.

I've never made such a big deal made out of asparagus in a supermarket before.

Genuine Norfolk person holding asparagus, probably grown in Norfolk.

The asparagus wouldn't be that noteworthy except for the following two points:
1) Imagine, if you will, the following.  It is a Saturday lunchtime, and you're travelling back from Davenport's Magic Kingdom.  You're feeling a little worse for wear after the night before, which meant that you didn't have any breakfast.  You're not near to any towns, and you are peckish.  You see a glimpse of a caravan in a layby ahead. Great! You think. We'll stop and grab a burger, I could eat a burger.  You think.
 But it's not a burger van.  It's a caravan, where you can pull over, and buy asparagus and strawberries.  Nothing else.  Not asparagus burgers.  Not strawberry sandwiches.  Just plain asparagus and strawberries.
2) On the way back, passing a farm shop, I saw that it was advertising an "Asparagus wine evening".  Again - might be very nice.  But I didn't stop and book a table.

So, they're big fans of asparagus.

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