Monday, 13 May 2013


I always think it's important, in the interests of continuous development, to share best practice and lessons learned.

Don't dip a Belvita.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits are a range of biscuits high in fibre, cereals, wholegrain, and with plenty of vitamins and other good things, and basically if you're too busy to have a proper breakfast they'll fit the bill nicely.  Personally I recommend the Honey & Nut and Fruit & Fibre ones, but they're all good.

So there I sat, at about ten o'clock this morning, freshly made cup of tea at the ready, and a packet of four tasty Honey & Nut Belvitas.

"Hello biscuits!" the innocuous cup of tea seems to say.  If only they knew...
I open the plastic wrapping, and extract the first of the biscuits.  I dip it in my tea to bring out the flavour...

It's broken.

Fully half of the biscuit has become disconnected from the half still clenched in my hand, and is now floating in my tea.

Thinking quickly, I eat the remaining half and grab a second biscuit, with which to scoop out it's submerged friend before it sinks to the bottom of the cup to decompose.

It ventures into the cup to rescue it's companion, the one that it spent so long next to in a darkened cupboard!

It breaks in half and sinks as well.

Okay, I think to myself, I've lost two halves.  That's the equivalent of one full biscuit.  Twenty five percent of the packet of biscuits is now somewhere in my mug.

They've gone, there's no saving them, I decide.  More cautiously than before, I take a third biscuit and dip it really quick-

It's broken.

I eat the fourth biscuit dry and drink my biscuity tea.

Don't dip a Belvita.


  1. I have also suffered this tragedy. As soon as the biscuit hits the tea it's like a sponge and breaks instantly. I have found the the Belvita Strawberry And Yoghurt Crunch works a treat though. The yoghurt layer binds the biscuit layers just long enough for a good dunk.

    1. Good thought, thank you. The basic Belvita aren't up to scratch for dunking in my opinion, they're very thin.

  2. You pussies.


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