Sunday, 9 June 2013

YouTube Creator Academy

Currently my son is taking great joy in organising things.  In his playroom he has a load of letters and numbers, and given time he'll arrange them into piles of:

  • Numbers
  • Foam letters
  • Hard plastic capital letters in one font
  • Hard plastic capital letters in a different font
  • Hard plastic lower case letters

Well, it keeps him out of mischief.

Do you have a YouTube channel?  Are you interested in getting more views, improving your channel, and all that kind of thing?

If so, have you checked out the YouTube Creator Academy?  It's an online course discussing the various features of YouTube (especially the new YouTube One channel layout) and how to make your videos more popular.  I've started doing the course and I've certainly found it of value - I've mucked about with my channel homepage (if you've not visited my YouTube home, head over to and check it out) and added a new welcome video too.  It's actually quite challenging, it encourages you to work with other YouTubers on the course and it's really highlighted to me just how far I have to go in improving the quality of my content to compete!  But I'm working on that.  If you do like my videos though, if you do have a YouTube/Google account, please do like my videos and subscribe to my channel if you can - and feel free to let me know what you'd like me to make, I love feedback!  Feel free to leave comments on YouTube, email me, or tweet at me at @ravenswingthog -  it's all good.

Not to over do it but if you haven't donated yet on Kickstarter for the second series of My Gimpy Life (first series available here) you've got till Friday 14th to donate - as things stand they're just under $10,000 short of their target, so if you were planning to put some cash in, head over to Kickstarter before the deadline passes.

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