Saturday, 20 July 2013

Birthday wishes...

I've been writing my birthday list!

For my birthday and for Christmas, I produce a birthday list for my other half to use and share with friends and family - I'd never done this before we got together, but she had difficulty finding things for me as presents, so what I do is search the internet for stuff that I'd like, give her a list, and she can pick from the things, safe in the knowledge that I'll like them.

But it's really hard to do, because the thing is, there isn't really that much I desperately need or want.

Sure, I'd love a new car/house/phone/computer/tablet/jacket/desk mug, but the issue I have is that I have all of these things, and they all work.

Yes, the car is an aging a red Vauxhall Agila aka Postman Pat van, yes I can complain about the various other things, but I have a problem with getting things when I still have something serviceable.

Take a mug, for example.  We have a cupboard full of mugs, most fairly plain, one beloved Foamy the Squirrel mug (if you must, go check out but don't say I didn't warn you), and at work I have a "I love my daddy" mug allegedly from my son, although his lack of employment (being 3) indicates that his mother was probably involved in financing the purchase.  Nevertheless, I don't feel able to replace it with a geekier mug (Cup of R2D2 anyone?).

And the vast majority of the blokey stuff you can buy just seems overpriced.  Would I like a sweater that looks like a galaxy? (as in lots of stars, not a chocolate bar) Yes, of course I would, but I wouldn't want to pay over £40 for it, and neither would I want people I know to pay that much for a present for me anyway.  Besides unless it was in a larger size it wouldn't fit... (sob)

So, I basically have a list with a load of books on it, a lot of Warhammer 40K and a load of other ones.  I'm looking to move more into getting electronic books rather than real books, to save on house space.  I've just read my first e-book, one of Jeffrey Archer's prison diaries, and although it's slightly annoying when the book reader app freezes up for a few seconds while it loads the page for you to read, overall it performs very well and I'm certainly up for reading more in this format.

Oh, before I forget - go to Google, search 241543903, and look at the images. Bizarre? Yes. Internet? Of course!

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