Monday, 22 July 2013

Do you have a geek code?

BREAKING NEWS: The royal baby is a boy.  He was born at 4.24pm and weighed 8lb 6oz. I certainly didn't post this just to try to get loads of hits on my blog. Honest.

Firstly, I start this post with an apology.

My last post discussed how, if you go to Google, search 241543903, and look at the images, you'll see lots of photos of people with their head in a freezer.  I failed to accredit the person who told me about this in the first place.  This was raised by the aforementioned person whilst out on Saturday night.

So - thanks Kirsty!

This is Kirsty.  Photo edited to remove my thumb that was in the top-left corner of the shot.

Topic of the day - do you have a Geek Code?

A Geek Code, created by the great Robert Hayden, is a code to identify how much of a geek you are, and what you are a geek about.  You indicate your answers to a number of questions, with each answer generating a code.  For example, in my geek code below, it starts "GIT" - rather than being my nickname, it stands for "Geek of Information Technology", as opposed to "GCS" which is Geek of Computer Science - this reflects the fact that, while I'm a geek and I'm (relatively) good at IT, I'm not able to make software applications.

The 'original' home of the Geek Code is at - here the Geek Code stands at version 3.12, and is unfortunately a little out of date (dating from 1996) - it talks about things like OS/2 and Emacs - so a newer 'evolution' of the code, at a proposed version 3.20 by Vincent Graux is available at

My v3.20 Geek Code is:

  Version: 3.20
  GIT d- s+:+ a c+ C++ B-- 7- w L M-- u W+++ H+ Z---
  F+ PS PE+ Y- PGP T++ S+++ J++ R m tv+ b++ DI+++ D++
  e+++ h---- A+ r++ !y

At there is also a decoder of the above geek code, so rather than trying to work out the code by hand you can copy and paste it in.

Let me know your geek code!


  1. You really are a geek. Well done.
    Not. You need to get out more.

    1. I tried going outside once - the graphics are good, but the gameplay leaves something to be desired.


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