Monday, 15 July 2013

Farewell my dear Nokia

It is with great sadness that I say farewell to my Nokia C2-01 today.  It's served me well for a good while (especially for a non-smartphone - I'm not going to insult it by calling it a "dumbphone") and I'm particularly going to miss being able to play Block'd, a great puzzle game by EA, but I've finally taken the step of getting a smartphone.  I've gone for the Samsung Galaxy S III, I know it's not the latest smartphone but I can't justify paying £35+ a month for a phone when I can get the S3 for £20 a month, along with all the minutes and text and Internet that I need.  I have wanted to be able to tweet and Facebook on the move, and currently the only way I can do this is generally by using my tablet (also a Samsung) but the problem with this is that the tablet is loaded up with videos for my son to watch, cartoons and educational things, so it generally stays at home, standing by for action.

So it's goodbye to the Nokia and hello to the Samsung - which I am loving quite a bit.  I do feel sad for Nokia, my first mobile was a Nokia 3210 - bought whilst at college, and I chose that phone because:

a) The battery life was longer than the others on offer, and;
b) The buttons were bigger, so they would be easier to press while drunk (as I say, I was still at college)

I remember the screen was monochrome, it was maybe three times as big and heavy as my current Nokia, and could hold ten text messages.  Ten.  I recall getting funny texts from friends, and having to delete them rather than keep them because I needed the space.

I did consider getting a Nokia this time - in particular I had my heart set on the Nokia Lumia 520 for about a day - but there just isn't enough apps on the Windows platform for my liking, I remember using my partners Kindle Fire when in London earlier in the year and being disgusted at the lack of apps on that piece of kit.  Only Android or iOS have enough apps right now, and I'm too much of a fiddler to be comfortable with the "black box" operation of an Apple device, even though it would get rid of all those times that an app crashes at the wrong moment, or the opportunity for me to accidentally kill my device by deleting the wrong file.  If Nokia would only have some handsets on Android as well, they might have a chance of recovering from their death spiral.

Same for Blackberry.

In other news - spambots are getting better!

I've recently adjusted my blog settings to make it easier to comment again - there's no word verification, because it does put people off, but on the flip side I do get spam.  Lunchtime on Sunday I got the comment below on one of my posts:


Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied 
on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre 
talking about, why throw away your intelligence on 
just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something informative to read?

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This one actually fooled me to begin with, I thought it was a real comment to begin with - I do post videos to my blog, after all.  However two things confirmed that it was spam:
1) Blogger automatically marked it as spam, and;
2) The post they had commented on didn't have a video on it!

Speaking of videos, I've finished my research for my fortune telling video I'm doing tomorrow, so look out for it on my YouTube channel.  As always I'd love some more subscribers both there and on my blog, so do feel free to do so!


  1. I have an Android device myself but I know what your talking about with the Kindle Fire. I have one of those as well but I mainly use it for reading and what few apps I do use, it has so it works for me. And it was a lot cheaper than an iPad. Good luck on the Galaxy, I've never had any issues with any Samsung devices.

    I was getting spammed quite a bit until I made it where anonymous users couldn't comment and I very rarely get any anymore. I also don't use capcha.

  2. At least blogger now seems to put all the anonymous comments into a spam folder so they don't get published until I approve them. I going disabling and reenabling capcha but I think I'll stay with it turned off now.

    1. What?!? Blogger marked my own comment as spam!!!

    2. Are you spamming yourself so you have a reason to buy something? Lol

    3. I know I talk about myself a lot but I didn't think Google would notice!

  3. The other clue here, Mike, was the 'Read my blog.' Always a danger sign when you get a command rather than a gentle request.
    The other thing is a gravatar with no info. It's some hooker in Latvia. Or a website flogging fake remedies for some unheard of malady.

    1. Aha! But I'm sure I must have some unheard of maladies, it's what makes me special. So a fake remedy might just be the thing I need!

      By the way - royal baby. I only say this to make this post appear in Google searches.

      Tally Ho!

    2. Just got the below one, which I think is the best spam comment ever. It was aimed at a page where I talked about burgers.

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