Monday, 8 July 2013

Fortune telling - your questions needed!

As I type this I'm on the verge of breaking 10000 views on this blog! Wow!  Thank you everyone who checks me out.

Okay, this is a bit of fun and an opportunity to get involved. What I'm going to be doing on my YouTube channel on Tuesday the 19th of July, is telling your fortune. Anything from "Please tell me if my cat really likes cat food" to "should I take a raincoat out with me tomorrow?" - send me your question about your future, or even just about a question that you want the answer to, and I'll answer the ten most interesting ones.

How will I be answering them?  Well I have a vast amount of literary resources!  Just on my desk I have autobiographies, a rare book by Eric Idle, a Sherlock Holmes DVD, and "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari".  And of course there's the Internet.

But mainly I have ten fortune cookies.

I may answer your question - but I promise that I'll eat the cookies on your behalf.

So, get your questions to me, either comment here, or tweet them at me at @ravenswingthog or even email at and I'll get back to you on the 19th!

If possible, give me a little bit of background colour, not just the question - why you want the answer to the question, maybe a little bit of info about yourself (e.g. name, age, where you live, whatever else you'd like to share) can help me build on the answer given by the fortune cookie.


  1. I am curious if we will find the right house for us soon. We have been trying to buy for a few years now and something always blocks it. Should we keep pursuing it or give up?


    1. Thanks for your question Nicole! Don't forget to check out on July 19th to see if it gets picked! By the way I really like your website - working from home is interesting, my parents run their own business from home and I do flexi-time so I'm only in the office four days a week so I can care for my son during the week. I particularly like you inventing a superhero!

      Cheers, Mike


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