Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Seen the lightning? Listen for the Thunderclap!

I've just set up a Thunderclap.

Thunderclap is a service where you can set up a message that will be sent out by everyone that signs up automatically on a certain day and time.  This way, at the agreed date and time social networks will be flooded with the same message, bringing it to peoples attention across the Internet.  I've signed up to do one celebrating the launch of Firefox OS, a new mobile operating system.  Why not take a look and see if there's something of interest to you?

In other news, my mum's gaming & internet PC has just died, with a puff of smoke.  I'm hoping that a replacement power supply may save it, otherwise it's going to be an expensive job for them to sort out.  I know the PC was a little bit flaky at starting up so my mum had been basically leaving it on 24/7, so whether something overheated as a result I don't know.  I'll take a look on Friday to see.

Update - I still need MORE questions!! Next Tuesday I'm filming a video where I'll be answering peoples questions about the future, telling their fortunes with the aid of fortune cookies.  I've had some questions in, and to be honest I should have been ready for this, but some of the questions are really serious ones, as in life-changing ones - not a problem with these as long as people don't take my answers too seriously!  But if you have any question that you'd like me to answer next week then get your questions to me somehow, either put them as a comment to me here, or tweet them at me @ravenswingthog or email me at

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