Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Unsolvable Problem of a Spider in the Sink

I don't know how to resolve this issue.

Earlier this evening, I took the watering can to the sink to fill it up.  Whilst filling it, a previously undetected spider, measuring at the very least half a centimetre in diameter, hopped off the bottom of the can and ventured into the pile of plates and cutlery in the sink that are to be washed.

I need to do the washing up tonight - well, I should do the washing up tonight - but at any rate I will have to do the washing up at some point.  But obviously I need some kind of spider teleportation device that will lock onto the aforementioned arachnid and beam it to a safe location, a location that is no less than seventy five miles away from me.

But I don't have the technology available, or the cognitive capacity to create something either.

Nevertheless, today has been an improvement on yesterday where I managed to give myself an electric shock and hit myself in the head with a eight foot black metal gate.

The other reason today has been good is that I was involved in TeenTech Humber 2013.  TeenTech is an event aimed at educating teenagers in the career potential within Science, Engineering and Technology.  I was an "Ambassador" (distinct lack of Ferrero Rocher though), and I got a school group to take round a vast variety of exhibits that had been set up for the day - the exhibits comprised of all kinds of activities, the ones we experienced included constructing towers, dyeing different materials, document production, building wind turbines and creating a villain for a computer game (in our case it was a vacuum-wielding hedgehog looking for revenge if I remember correctly!).  An extremely busy day but a really good one and hopefully all the schools got a lot out of the day.

Today I finally reached 10000 views on this blog - thank you!  Last night I checked it and it was at 9997, I must admit I was tempted to fire up whatever electronic devices we had in the house and visit the blog on each one, but I did manage to resist. Thanks all.

Lastly, I'm still looking for yet more questions for my fortune-telling video I'm making next Tuesday, so if you have any burning question about your future that you want me to answer, I do have my fortune cookies to hand, so drop me a comment on my blog, or email me at

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