Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pedometer Challenge - Post One!


Amazingly for someone of my sturdy physique, I'm taking on a pedometer challenge.

mmm... smell that computer monitor.  Maybe I can eat it.

The pedometer challenge is being done through work, as part of the British Health Foundation's "Health at Work" programme to get workers fitter.  Basically, from September 9th, I'm going to be measuring my steps for four weeks to see how many steps I can take (the more the better), as part of a team of five people.  Obviously we want our team to do better than the others, and I want to do better than the others in my team - or at least not be the worst!

I'm going to be posting regular updates here and on my YouTube channel - with the first video going up later tonight.

I'm hoping that I can use this as a bit of a start into regular exercise, so, wish me luck!  Being a geek, I'm looking forward to making lots of graphs of my progress which I'll bore everyone with!

UPDATE: My first video is now available, you can go here or open it below.

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