Monday, 9 September 2013

Building a PC!

I'm building a PC out of spare parts for my dad - his gaming PC is maybe eleven years old (and used to be my gaming PC - about three PCs ago) and is in bad need of replacement.  And except for a power supply I've got pretty much everything needed to make one for him, which I'm really excited about, as even though I'm known as a computer geek, I do feel a fraud because I haven't built a computer for about twelve years, and  even then I made a mistake - the mistake being that I screwed the motherboard (part of the computer circuitry for you non-geeks) directly to the motherboard, instead of putting little rubber spacers between the motherboard and the metal case.

Result being?  First time we had a lightning storm that sucker got electrified.  And was never the same since.


  1. Building a computer those days are like playing lego and hurts the same as well when you stand on them :)


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