Wednesday, 18 September 2013

G4C Y&H event - Employability, Air Permeability, and Sustainability - all in one night!

I wanted to flag up the latest G4C Yorkshire & Humber event coming up.  On Wednesday 25th September we've got an evening event at the Think Low Carbon Centre in Barnsley.

Attendees will get to enjoy a series of three sessions:

Employability - Janette Poole of East Riding of Yorkshire Council will look at what employers look for and how to stand out from the crowd!

Air Permeability - Bert Simmons of HRS Systems will discuss:
The proportion of national annual expenditure on energy, spent on heating buildings.
How limiting air permeability (of buildings) can reduce overall heat loss & hence energy costs.
Methods of testing and remedies for failures.

Sustainability - Based at Barnsley College the TLC Centre is packed with energy saving technologies. Constructed with the latest energy efficient materials the centre is a practical resource for house holders and businesses wanting to cut energy bills and increase knowledge in a key development area in construction. Martin Adamson of TLC Centre will conduct a tour.

To register for your free place go to

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