Saturday, 7 September 2013

Pouring milk isn't as easy as it sounds

Imagine the scene, if you will.  It's a normal workday morning.  A colleague from another organisation has arrived for a meeting.  As is the normal social convention, I offer him a drink, and he chooses a coffee, with milk.

I select a mug, pour in a teaspoon of coffee, and put in some hot water, and empty the contents of one of those little buckets of milk into the mug.  It's all given a good stir, but it looks as though it could do with a little more milk.

Not a problem!  We have more UHT pots of milk.

I grab another milk pot, open it up and...

Pour the milk into the bin.

This happens occasionally.  If I have something in my hands, and two activities to undertake, I'll do the wrong thing with the item I'm holding.  I remember some years back holding a used straw, and a stamp (I was collecting stamps at the time).  The straw was to be disposed of, while the stamp when in my album.  And I managed to put the stamp in the coal scuttle.

So, we all make mistakes.  I grab another pot of milk, open it up and...

Yes.  Again.  Poured the milk straight into the bin.



  1. Today, I had a packet of crisps in my hand and some rubbish to go in the wheelie bin outside in the other hand. A normal activity you would expect but I assume you have figured out the outcome. Yes. I missed out on the crisps. Always that way, never the easy way.

    1. Brilliant! Ah well, at least it's not just me!


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