Saturday, 28 September 2013

Questions for the Modern World... (and new video)

If Americans are so keen on independence, why are all their cities named after places in the UK?

Don't get me wrong, I'm behind them being independent and not having to pay taxes to the United Kingdom (although I do wonder how much wealthier I'd be if they still did - probably not a lot), but can they change the names of their cities?  They've done it before - New York used to be New Amsterdam, after all - maybe they can make up some new names.

Like Ravensville.

Or Ravenstown.

Or New Raven.

Raventon D.C?

If Yorkshire folk and Lancastrians have an age-old rivalry going on, why do our accents sound similar?

I'll probably get some flak for this one as it's quite close to home (being from Yorkshire myself - albeit born in North Humberside, as it was then), but I remember chatting to someone "down south" who had that I had "a great northern accent".

My gut reaction was to think "How can you possibly have a "northern" accent?!?"

There are so many varieties, from the nasal drone of Hull, the Liverpudlian squeakiness at the end of any word, Wikipedia alone references tons of different variations of accent.

But the reality is, to them soft southerners, we all sound the same.

At least we have decent accompaniments for our chips - gravy, curry sauce, mushy peas, and (in Hull at least) the rarest of all delicacies - American Chip Spice!

Okay, new video is up!

This one highlights a danger to letters all over the world.  Don't hesitate to watch and share, to raise the awareness of the dangers... of child.

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