Sunday, 24 November 2013

Further XCOM Adventures

I've been continuing my fight against the alien threat, trying to save the planet.  So far I've taken down two alien bases, captured one of their commanders, and am now frantically trying to research some sort of craft that can take my troopers out to the aliens home.

True, they were the elite of the elite, the best warriors Earth had to offer. But the squad still took the opportunity to unwind by knocking on the alien's door and hiding.

In the meantime, the Commander of my forces, Dustyweaver, is wounded for two months after taking far too many plasma bolts, whilst his second in command, Simon, is very healthy, mainly due to his habit of taking cover, standing behind things like walls, trees, and other people.

In other news, I've released my next episode of MANEATING early, as it's just too funny to hold on till Wednesday.  This time I decided to review a packet of Walkers Quavers.  And because I'm that kind of guy, I got my son to help me.

It didn't go quite as planned...

On the plus side he's funnier than I am anyway :)

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