Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wrestling with the Sky box

I've been having fun with the Sky box tonight.  Okay, it's a Sky+HD box, I'll be accurate.  Nevertheless, I've been mucking about with it.

Two things - one, we got in the post a wireless adaptor to let it connect to our broadband to provide "On Demand" services.  I don't actually know what these On Demand services are, but that's never stopped me playing with technology before.  That was sorted quite easily, plugged in, typed in my network password and its up and running.

I should say that we have recently resolved our ongoing broadband issues by going with the local broadband provider, Karoo, and getting a half-decent router - in our case the Asus DSL-N55U.  We did tinker with a Netgear, but had problems right from the off, so got a refund on it and plumped for the Asus, which has been absolutely fine since installation.  I was slightly concerned to begin with that I was having trouble connecting to it wirelessly via my smartphone, then realised that I hadn't screwed the aerials onto the router!  It's all fine now.

The second thing I've been trying to do is to somehow watch the new local TV channel, Estuary TV.  This is one of a number of local TV channels being licensed by Ofcom, with Estuary TV launched just last Tuesday. They're based in Grimsby and are viewable on Freeview and Virgin Media in the nearby area, but because we're in Hull we can't get Virgin Media - so we're on Sky.  And because we're on Sky, we can't watch this channel.  Very annoying!  I've tried to see if I can watch it online somehow but there doesn't seem to be any option.  Guess I'll have to go round to my parents and watch it on theirs.

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