Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse! I hope you're celebrating or making it in some way.

For the readers of my blog, I've done fortune cookie predictions for you! The top 8 countries that read my blog most - the USA, Germany, UK, China, Indonesia, Ukraine, France and Russia - have got fortune cookie predictions! We also feature the interdimensional return of the Pyramid of Mystery!

This is a Fortune telling drinking game for the video:
  • Every time I say "So", take a swig of beer!
  • Every time I say "Okay", take two swigs of beer!
  • Every time I say "Hello", take a shot!
  • Every time I say "Yeah", take a swig of beer and a shot!
Catch the video now at

Thanks to everyone that reads my blog - I'm a smidge off 30,000 hits which is quite outstanding (I know Blogger inflates the statistics a bit, but nevertheless it must be quite a lot!), do please feel free to comment and stuff :)

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