Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Thanks HSBC!

I know that this is an incredibly unpopular thing to do, but I wanted to say thank you to HSBC.

HSBC rang me up this afternoon to warn me of a fraudulent transaction that had appeared on my debit card last night.  They stopped the transaction, and with my agreement cancelled my card and are providing a new one.

Bit of an inconvenience?  Perhaps, but I'd much rather they step in and spot stuff like this than suddenly my bank account is emptied!  Good job, bank people.

In other news - want to help beat cancer while playing on your phone?

Now you can!

Cancer Research UK, in conjunction with partners, have produced "Play To Cure: Genes In Space", a game that, while you play, identifies issues in genetic data.  Go and download it for your phone (it's free) and feel good for playing a game!

Finally - it's Brutall's birthday, the fantastic YouTuber that was featured last week in one of my interviews.  Why not check out his videos and say happy birthday?

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