Saturday, 1 March 2014

Struggling with inspiration

Not my usual sort of blog post today, but nevertheless onwards we go...

I'm struggling a little with inspiration at the moment, for ideas to make up future posts.  I have a handful of draft posts on stand by, but none of them are really that good (yes, amazingly the posts that go up on my blog do actually go through some kind of vague quality-review process before going live) and I'm aware that I'm not blogging as regularly as I like to, but am kind of stuck for ideas at the moment.

I was involved in a creative thinking workshop as part of work last year and maybe I should try some of the exercises talked about there.  What do you do when you're short on ideas?

I wanted to flag up that my friends blog,, has kicked back into life after a quiet spell.  Andy is a very funny guy and well worth a read.

One thing I did manage to do the other day was make a video of how to make the perfect mocha, which of course includes alcohol.  Hope you like it.

And my guess the accents video made my dad fall off his chair laughing.  See if you can work out which ones they are.


  1. Dont over think it m8, inspiration comes when you dont expect it

  2. Great, fun videos! All these years and didn't know spiced rum was an ingredient in mocha coffee. :)

    1. spiced rum is an ingredient in EVERYTHING.

      Except baby formula.


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