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YouTuber Interview #4 - Scott Tumilty!!!

Today I'm extremely fortunate to be interviewing my favourite Geek & Sundry Vlogger, Scott Tumilty.  Scott vlogs all about retro video games for Geek & Sundry on his channel, at He's also punched recently through the 1,000 subscriber limit, as only a guy training to be a professional wrestler could.

Scott is also the first person I've interviewed that sent me a picture.  I'm slightly unsettled by his choice of 'selfie'.

Hi Scott. To kick things off, how did you get into vlogging for Geek & Sundry?

It was all a drunken accident.

I started off making something called 'Scott plays bad games, while hammered' where I'd drink heavily and play through some of the terrible games my brother had bought me over the years.

After six months of that, the Geek and Sundry vlogger search came along. I threw in an episode of 'bad games' for a laugh, not really expecting anything of it, so when they mailed back saying they enjoyed it, and could I enter a new/original vlog into the competition, I started to take it more seriously.

Not by much though.

After two gruelling rounds that also involved a massive work project and buying a house, I got picked, and the rest is history.

Retro gaming is very much live and kicking, with shows such as Co-optitude on the main Geek & Sundry channel. Why do you think retro games are so popular?

I think it's inevitable as time goes on. The longer gaming exists as an art form, and the more it grows, the more you'll find that people have strong, positive childhood associations with gaming. With that, you also get certain games and characters that latch on to childhood memories.

Another thing about retro games is that they can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. Watching someone lose their mind at a game they could complete as a child is fantastic fun.

One regular feature of your videos is an absolutely huge amount of games on shelves behind you.  Just how many games do you have?

I have absolutely no idea. Seriously. Not a clue.

What is your all-time favourite video game? And what game do you think we're going to be playing in twenty years time as a "classic of the early 2010s"?

My favourite video game changes every week, and it's difficult to pick just one.

For the sake of argument, I'll say Monkey Island, but the CD talkie version. I always thought the writing was superb, and I loved the way that it took out the unfair deaths that were the hallmark of other point 'n' click adventures.

I'm looking at you, Space Quest 3.

As for future classics? I'm afraid time will have to tell on that, but I'd imagine that it'll be a game that was either ridiculously ambitious and took gaming forward as a concept, or it'll be a simple game with a core of pure fun.

Let's say Gone Home, or Paddle War from Commander Keen.

And looking forward, how do you see the games industry in the future? Are consoles doomed as computing gets increasingly mobile?

It's not so much that consoles are doomed. I think that anything that doesn't adapt to fit with the needs of its audience is doomed.

I'm going to be taking my life into my hands by saying this, but the core of the Xbox One's move towards more or less total digital distribution wasn't an entirely bad idea.

Where it went wrong is the way in which that idea was mutilated, to the point where it wasn't of any benefit to the consumer, and in fact sought to punish them for potentially being a pirate by existing. It was a dumb move.

Also, every time they brought out Don Mattrick, it reminded me of why dancing bears are frowned upon in modern society.

One of your regular activities is Garlic Bread Monday, where a chunk of the internet gathers to watch you play a retro game and eat garlic bread.  I have an issue in that I never seem to have garlic bread, but apart from that it makes for a brilliant Monday night, and being UK-based myself it's really nice to be able to join in on a live stream at a decent hour for me. Where did the idea come from for Garlic Bread Monday?

No problem, it's nice to see you in the chat each week.

After doing the Extra Life charity live stream with the other Geek and Sundry vloggers, I still had the kit and the software. One day I decided to play some Dreamcast when I got home from work, and on a whim decided I'd live stream it.

Also, I decided I wanted some lasagne and garlic bread for dinner. I am a fiend for lasagne, like a sweary Garfield.

One lovely twitter follower, I think it was a guy called Niall, suggested the hashtag of #garlicbreadmondays. The rest speaks for itself.

What is the best garlic bread?

Tesco garlic bread doughballs. You need to get in on that shit.

Scott, as someone regarded as the second prettiest G&S vlogger (I wanted to say prettiest but Nika Harper just wins I'm afraid), how do you keep in shape? (hint - good opportunity to talk about your wrestling training!)

You flatter me sir.

I do it by going to karate at least twice a week, and pro wrestling training at least once a week.

The flip side is that I have the diet of a 12 year old who has his birthday every single day, so it generally balances out.

I generally suggest that you google the 'deck of cards' workout, and invest in a chin up bar.

For those yet to encounter the juicy goodness of either Garlic Bread Monday or your brilliant vlogs, how would you describe yourself and your videos?

I am the darkness that lives within the soul of human kind. Also, I'm a retro gaming enthusiast.

Sometimes I'll want to share things about retro gaming that make me happy.

Sometimes I'll want to show you things about retro gaming that make me angry.

Sometimes I'll be on an epic journey of discovery as I try to catch up with retro gaming moments that have passed me by.

There will be cake. There will be garlic bread. There will be swearing.

Catch Scott on his YouTube channel at and take part in the awesomeness that is Garlic Bread Mondays on Twitch on Monday nights, 8pm GMT at

For more information about Geek & Sundry, its shows (I particularly recommend Co-Optitude and TableTop), and its vlogs on all kinds of topics from gaming to DIY, check out the channels below as well as the main website:

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