Saturday, 10 May 2014

Eurovision Song Contest

I'm typing very quickly because as I write this post, the Eurovision Song Contest is just about to kick off.

For those not familiar with this event (who could that be?!? Americans perhaps) basically for one night, the whole of Europe gets into a massive battle, but instead of using traditional weaponry to fight with, we use songs.

Songs which generally vary in quality.

Instead of featuring the best singers and songwriters we have to offer, typically we (certainly in the UK anyway) feature a new act, who does a good job, but (mainly because song voting is massively swayed by friendly nations - and no one likes us, which to be honest is understandable) doesn't do very well.

To be completely honest I have no idea who is singing for the UK this year, but I do hope that they do well, I understand that the song is pretty good and I am actually looking forward to watching it tonight.  I'm also looking forward to Austria's, I understand that their song is interesting too.

At any rate, I always say that it is never to early to prepare (actually I never say that but who cares), so I've made a video ready for next years Eurovision Song Contest - fingers crossed for the duet of monkey and vibrating pig!

Touching on my last YouTube video, I'm pleased to say that it has gone, well to use Tim Clark's words (thanks for the blog post Tim) bacterial - it's gone over three thousand views, which for one of my videos is absolutely amazing, and it's attracted perhaps ten new subscribers which again is a lot for me.  Hope everyone sticks around, and if there's any particular videos you'd like making do let me know.

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  1. And the hits just keep coming. A Capella even! Your first album will be "Smash Hits of Thog."


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