Monday, 26 May 2014

Writing in a morning on a bank holiday

I'm writing at about half part 5 in the morning.  The sun is up, birds are tweeting... and in my house, I'm the only homo sapiens conscious.

I love writing and creating in a morning.  I always have more energy to be creative in a morning, and I prefer it when I don't have any other pressures around.  Ideally, I'll take a day off when everyone else is at work/nursery and be able to spend the time writing, but days off work aren't unlimited and need to be saved for a variety of more worthy purposes than to allow me to type at home as opposed to typing at work.

I've drunk a pint of strawberry Vimto cordial (no added sugar) and half a pint of cream soda cordial (probably with sugar in but what the hell) as I work up thirsty, there is a can of Asda Smart Price Lager sat on my desk that wasn't opened last night - yes, I can afford better lager but I like it - it's a quarter of the price of any other beer, it's low alcohol so I can drink several cans if I want, and also it's low in calories (a can of this stuff is half the calories of a bottle of Budweiser - and I can easily drink at least two bottles of Bud in an evening) so as just something to drink in an evening it's good.

It's actually taken me about half an hour to write the first three paragraphs of this post.  In between I've been promoting my new video (if you thought marshmallow fluff was sugary try it with shortbread!), updating AdAware, watching a vlog from Scott Tumilty, and cleaning up a friends slow laptop.

Any moment now my son will be waking up and the day will begin - it'll begin fairly gently, with an episode of NCIS (perhaps even two) over some toast while we snuggle under a blanket.  If I feel really proactive I'll put some washing on as well.

If you're having a bank holiday today, I hope that you're enjoying it and have something good planned.  Let me know in the comments.

I love bank holidays.


  1. I don't have a particular time when I write the most. Whenever inspiration hits me, I'm ready to go :)

    1. Good for you :) I've got better at writing on an evening, mainly because most of the time that's the only opportunity I have to write. But mornings are preferred :)

  2. I like mornings, and wrote this nomination for you, for the Liebster Award, this morning.


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