Friday, 13 June 2014

Lots and lots to talk about!

I'm really tired at the minute, because I've gone to the gym?

Why have I gone to the gym, of all places, on a Friday night?  Well, I have a new video series started!  And it's basically me tracking my "journey" (sorry, it's a bit of a fluffy word to use) while I lose weight over the next year in preparation for getting married.  The videos are a bit different to my usual ones, they're a bit more serious (and the quality has gone backwards which is very annoying - got some black banners at the sides of the first couple of videos, I'll watch out for this on future ones) but hopefully it'll provide some regular stuff to watch.

 Catch the first video here.

In other news, I came across something slimy on the kitchen floor last night.  I don't know what it was, but assuming that it was a small slug, I decisively plucked it from the ground (using a kitchen towel obviously, there's no way on earth that I'd touch it with my naked flesh) and lobbed it out of the window.

It might have been a bit of a pepper now that I think about it, but at any rate I dealt with it.

And of course I have to ask, are you watching the World Cup?  As past readers of my blog may be aware, I'm not a huge fan of football, but the World Cup is a bit of a special occasion and I do try to make a bit of an effort to watch some of the games.  Plus we've got a contest going on at work to see who could predict scores most accurately, and as things stand after 3 games I've attained four points out of a possible nine, which isn't perfect but it's a start, and there's a lot of matches to go.  We're also doing a sweepstake and I got Chile, which I'm fairly happy with, I certainly think that they've got a chance of winning (although Brazil are definitely the team to beat!) and hopefully it'll make for some interesting matches over the next few weeks.  Do comment and let me know who you're hoping is going to win.

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