Monday, 30 June 2014

Psychological Testing on Facebook - The Logical Evolution

So, we discovered that Facebook carried out some psychological testing to see what happened when people got bad news, and when they got good news.  Unsurprisingly, people were generally in better moods themselves when their newsfeeds were full of good news, and vice versa.  It's all very interesting, and I'll put to one side the outrage over Facebook doing "secret testing" on over half a million people.

Let's think about this.  What else could they do as a result of this?

Imagine if you had a college essay coming up.  The weeks before you could see lots of creative posts like this:

Or if you wanted to lose weight, it could help you out by showing you posts like:

However, we all know that advertisers are the heart of Facebook.  So, when we're in the market for some new bedroom furniture, we're far more likely to see:

(Check out my last post about vomit absorption and mattresses!)

And of course ultimately, this is what all of us will see.

Happy Facebooking!

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