Thursday, 10 July 2014

Supermarket clothing

Allow me to put a little background to this rant.

I am slightly overweight.  There's no way of getting around this fact, indeed it is core to todays essay.  I am putting in effort to get into shape, as I due have a wedding about 11 months away, but as things stand, I am overweight.

Of course, being overweight, you need to buy clothing of a certain size - usually labelled "XL" or perhaps even "XXL" on occasion.  For more formal clothing, waist sizes for me are currently in the region of either 46 or 48 inches.

Now ideally I'd love to go to some top-end clothier and purchase some really nice clothes, but I don't have that much money to spend (and am a bit of a cheapskate anyway) so it isn't unknown for me to pop to the local supermarket and check out the clothes there.

And it's odd.

They have some clothes that fit me - it depends what I'm looking for.  Work shirts tend to just about get up to my size, but no bigger.  However casual shirts and t-shirts I can get, and indeed in sizes far too big for me, but not jeans or trousers, which seem to top out about 40 to 42 inches.  And shorts I can get in a suitable size (and again in sizes far bigger than me).

Is it assumed that those of us, that are of a stockier build, don't have jobs and spend our time sat at home in a t-shirt and shorts watching TV and drinking beer?  I certainly have to say that I'd be happy to spend time lazing around getting drunk, but I do have a job that requires me to look at least vaguely smart and I really don't think a pair of shorts and a can of lager would fit the bill.

Finally, I have something planned.  Something cool and exciting that, fingers crossed, I hope to launch this weekend.  It's going to involve other people (it could be you!) taking part in a fun and exciting project.  Stay tuned here and also on my YouTube channel for news and to find out how to take part.

And before I go - my look at Facebook in the future (via Google Glass) has been quite well received, thanks to everyone that's watched it and if you'd like to see it, here it is.


  1. Another great post. Good luck with the weight loss. Some people make it into a competition, that way they can take something healthy into a childish game of oneupmanship

    1. Thanks Tim - the loss is slow and steady, but at least it's going in the right direction!


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