Saturday, 27 September 2014

Google turns 16!

Happy birthday Google, who today turns 16.  I've discovered this as a result of a long period of research, and certainly not by noticing Google's doodle of the day on

It is interesting to think about and see how the Internet has developed and moved on over time.  I started using the internet in 1999 when the PCs at college were enabled, and at the time there was a whole host of search engines fighting it out for supremacy - Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Altavista, Lycos, and Excite spring to mind, I remember my favourite being Altavista for quite a while, and also having a website on Lycos's free webspace service, Tripod.  Nevertheless, apparently like 88% of internet users worldwide, I now use Google.  I love the clean design of the website, how it works out what I want (back when I first started using the internet half the struggle was wording your query correctly so that the right websites would come up - now all I have to do is type "Guardians of the Galaxy Hull" and Google fetches the cinema show times for me)

So, if Google was an actual person that had turned 16, what could it now do?

  • In the UK, they can join the army.
  • In Canada they can get a driving license (and join the army)
  • In Germany and Mexico they can legally drink alcohol
  • In Tacoma Park, Maryland in the US, they can vote (as they also could in the recent Scottish referendum)

(Actually I found it really hard to use Google to do the research for this - it seems to be stuck thinking that I want UK websites!)

What else is new?  I've got a new video on my YouTube channel up, it's a bit different to most of my videos as it's a gaming video, but if you'd like to watch a rogue ragequit in Hearthstone then do check it out!  I expect to be doing more of these videos as they're really easy to do - provided I record anything worth watching!  I'm also planning a series about the classic ZX Spectrum game, Journey's End, so stay tuned for that too!

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