Thursday, 11 September 2014

My pyjamas

As I type this, I'm wearing pyjamas.

This isn't particularly unusual - it's 8pm, my son is in bed, the chores have been done, and I've had a long and busy day at Hull College's Freshers Fair promoting the Travelling Book Project - don't misunderstand me though, it was ace, and I think my stall was somewhat unique thanks to its ingenious "clothes horse" design:

Complete with trendy "peg" fixings

But right now I'm tired and aching a bit, and I welcome the opportunity to wear pyjamas.

Now, the set that I'm wearing is a sort of green and white, with a dash of red, tartan stripey pattern, and they are quite warm and comfortable.  But they do have one unusual feature.

Attached to the left leg of the pyjama bottoms is the security tag.

I have no idea how my partner got these to me without having the tag removed, all I can assume is that she bought the clothes, they forgot to remove the tag at the till, and then the security alarm didn't go off (or it went off and no one paid any attention).

I've worn these pyjamas for quite a while now, I don't know if I got them last Christmas or if it was before that, but I've certainly had them a fair few months.  The only issue the tag causes really is that I can't sleep on my left side, which isn't a problem as I always sleep on my right, but I do have the slight worry that one day the tag might trigger and spew out blue dye over anything nearby.

I feel a little bit like a kids game, like "Buckaroo" or something of the sort.

I'm imagining something like this photo, except instead of white shaving foam think of blue dye.  And less smiling.

But I'm at a loss as to what to do.  The pyjamas are otherwise fine, so I don't feel comfortable disposing of them, but I don't see that going into a shop and saying "Hello, here's some of your pyjamas, no I don't have a receipt but if you could remove the security tag it'd be much appreciated" would go very well either.

Suggestions welcomed.

Last thing - if you're not already aware, I am going to be defending football on my blog in the near future, against Tim Clark at Life, Explained, who will be championing the case for american football, so we can decide one and for all which is the better game.  Stay tuned.


  1. Look, I don't like to talk about this too much, it was from youthful days of indiscretion, when times were a little wilder, but, since we are friends, I know a guy who has a little side business removing the security tags from the left legs of pyjamas, that they "forgot" to remove during the high speed "purchase" process. He is very discreet, and works for cash, let me know if you are interested.


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