Sunday, 28 September 2014

Travelling Book Project update - book sighted in Ohio!

Today I'm doing a bit of an update to the Travelling Book project, following the exciting news that one has been spotted in Ohio!  I've been sent a number of snaps of the book, being held by a number of people (some of them looking suspiciously inanimate).

I'm relatively confident that this is a real person, however.

I've been trying to decide if "Liquor Control" is a genuine division of the local government in Ohio, or if it's actually in a bar.

Joe Haden holding a book.  Disclaimer: Possibly actually a poster of Joe Haden with a book held in front.

Andy Dalton holding a book.  Disclaimer: See previous disclaimer.

 Thanks to Tim for sending these through, I should say that it is quiet on the travelling book front (although another book has just made it to Las Vegas via Australia!), so if you have received a book, please do let me know where in the world the book is, and photos like this are much appreciated, we'll definitely feature whatever we get here and on the Travelling Book Project website!  Remember that at the start of each book is a hashtag, so if you tweet anything with the hashtag I will pick it up.

If you would like to get involved in the project you can reserve your own book by sending a PayPal donation on the Travelling Book Project website for £12, or if you're a student, up till the end of October 2014 just £5 will reserve you a book - this entails me making a book and sending it out to you, and doing my best to keep track of the book when its in the wild, then scanning the book when its finished and making it available on the internet for all to see.  Any funds received go towards the running of the website so they are very much welcomed.

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