Saturday, 4 October 2014

If symptoms persist...

(I start off this post with a disclaimer - I'm not advocating the use of slimming pills, equally neither am I saying that they are bad, good, indifferent, or anything else. Medical advice should always be obtained before you take any medication.  Which this isn't.)

So, I was looking on the back of a box of slimming pills the other day (note these are "Slimming pills" - not painkillers, not laxatives, slimming pills.)

As you'll see, much of it is the standard sort of wording that you would expect on any kind of medication - keep away from children, do not exceed the stated dose, do not use after the expiry date, if symptoms persist... - hang on!

Let's look at that one.

If symptoms persist of worsen consult your doctor.

This is on a box of slimming pills.

The "symptoms" I presume would be - being well built?

So - if I take them, and I'm still overweight, I should consult my doctor?

"Hello Doctor, I appear to still be well upholstered, despite taking one of these slimming pills right after my usual extra big MeatBurger and fries.  I even washed it down with a fried chicken milkshake.  Do you think that the pills are faulty?"

"My God man! You're supposed to take one of these little chappies three times a day!  You can't expect results from just taking one!  Now get out of my office before I prescribe you some antibiotics!"

Something here is amiss, I fear.

I'm taking part in Vlogtober, releasing a video every day on my YouTube channel.  As I type this, I'm making a video about meat from the delicatessen counter of your local supermarket.  It'll be uploaded soon!  Come stop by :)

(edit: The deli video is now online!)


  1. Fried chicken milkshake, Hull must be heaven!!!

    1. A slight bending of the truth, although it does have some damn fine fried chicken places (for England that is - I do have a great ambition to visit the states, part of it being to try the food!)


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