Monday, 10 November 2014

Garage doors, Downton Abbey and FIFA

I'm typing this having just come inside from the garage, where I've been power tooling.

This would be a picture of a power tool.

Over the last few months, we've been having a battle with thieves attempting to get into our garage for nefarious purposes (I assume that it is for nefarious purposes, if it is a holy order attempting to find the secret of life and they believe that it is located within the concrete and metal construction at the bottom of the garden, then they're welcome to explore for it,as long as they leave it tidy. (or at least tidier than it is at the moment).

They broke in one of the doors - we've secured it. So now they've broken in the other door, so it's now been secured too.  I hope that this will be the end of it, but for some reason I suspect not.

Next - Downton Abbey Series 5 has just finished!  I won't spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen it yet, but it's all very good.  I just always gets disappointed because I've just got into the habit of spending Sunday evening watching Downton Abbey with a coffee and a yoghurt or something, and now I have to think of something else to do.

Which I may have, actually - I got Fifa 12 (yes it's old, but it was only £2) for the Wii at the weekend, and am thoroughly addicted.  So far I've got Bradford City promoted and won a cup with them, that said the game is on easy so I'm thinking that I might restart and try on Medium.

Or the other hand,beating Hull City 6-1 was quite fun.  Maybe I'll stay on Easy a little longer.


  1. Won't get Downton Abbey here until January :(
    It's all about Fifa for my older son. I like listening to the music (probably different with Fifa 12, he has 14 on his kindle.
    As far as the morons breaking into your garage, get a doberman!

    1. I'm really getting into Fifa, which is weird as I haven't played a football game for about 15 years, but it's good fun.

      I don't have a doberman, but I do have a cat with a bell on its collar. That should sort them out :)

  2. Coffee??? and yoghurt, man that sounds fantastic.

    I hope the fools breaking into your garage get what they deserve, a long, painful punishment.

    1. I know, I hate to shatter the myth, but I do like a coffee now and again. Although I did try very hard during tea/coffee week to stick to tea!


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