Thursday, 11 December 2014

Do you want to know your future?

It has returned, from another dimension...

Or maybe from a shelf.

It's the Pyramid of Mystery!

Last year, with the aid of the Pyramid of Mystery and a load of fortune cookies, I did some light hearted predictions for 2014 for a bunch of people.  Well, it's nearly 2015 and I'm going to do the same!

So, what I need from you is a question about your future that you'd like the pyramid of mystery to answer!  Drop me your question with your name in the comments below, or email me at and I will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible in my video!

I made a video essentially saying what I've written above.

While I'm writing, thanks for all the positivity regarding my "pretend to be a time traveller" video!  Eating coconut shower gel isn't easy - and isn't recommended!  Kids... don't do this at home.

1 comment:

  1. Great Pyramid of Mystery, what do you see being served, in my house, as a snack for football games on New Years Day? We are having a difficult time choosing between Chili Cheese Nachos, buffalo style wings, quesadillas, and pizza, and cheese sticks. If you could unravel this terrible mystery I would be very grateful. Also, if you could give me some ideas as to what to buy my wife for Christmas that would be good, too.



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