Friday, 26 December 2014


You know how you end up eating so much chocolate at Christmas that it makes you feel sick?

Well, this year has been no exception.

A bit of my video stuff was kindly included in TeaMakerJason's brilliant "A Game of Subs" video that's just gone up - do check it out:

And if you want to see my stuff (a bit of it is in Jason's video at 10 minutes, 20 seconds in) then you can watch my full entry here - the sound quality is a bit shocking though.  Wonder if I should have asked Santa for a new microphone.

While I remember, time is running out for you to get a question answered in my fortune telling video that I'm doing at the end of the year - if you have a burning question about your future that you'd like answering, then let me know (drop me a comment or something of the sort) as I'll be recording the video in the few days.  It's only a bit of light relief - and depends on me actually leaving the house to buy some fortune cookies - but should be fun.)


  1. Oh, how I love Toblerone.I believe I planted a flag on one of those peaks. Your videos are entertaining. Sorry I missed the fortune telling of 2 years ago. It was probably golden!

  2. Toblerone used to be great until they added those extra valleys!


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