Saturday, 7 February 2015

A cat post

So, today I made this video:

It's extremely bad, but I've made it because the guys behind Exploding Kittens have set a number of challenges to the community that, if achieved, will boost the rewards given to the supporters of their Kickstarter, and as I am one of them, I'm (as usual) up for looking silly if there's a possible reward behind it.  And my other half greatly enjoyed writing on my head.

This got me into thinking about doing a cat-related post.  Here's some cat facts:

Apparently cats are less stressed when sitting in a box.  I quite like sitting in boxes too.

A group of cats is called a clowder.  I can't help but think of clam chowder whenever I hear this (and I've never had clam chowder)

Cats have the skillset to use a toilet. (I assume for toilet-related purposes and not for drinking out of)

A cats brain is more like a human brain than a dogs brain.  That explains why they're so annoying.

Cats can be allergic to humans.  Which serves them right.

And here's a picture of a cat.  Thanks to George Hodan for kindly putting this into the public domain.  You're awesome.

#ExplodingKittens #update9

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