Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I like hats.  To be precise, I like the idea of hats.  There's something about a hat (depending on style of course) that makes you feel a little bit higher class than you would be otherwise.

Unfortunately, I don't suit hats.  With the possible exception of my leather outback hat that is (I don't have a picture of this to hand so below is a picture courtesy of http://shop.earthcirclecreations.com/

hat pic from http://shop.earthcirclecreations.com/
My hat looks like this one.

I was in the local supermarket the other day and found myself in the clothing department - looking for gloves as mine had gone walkabout - and I came across some hats.  Well, I'd just been to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service, featuring Colin Firth looking very cool in a dapper English gentleman sort of way, so my ambition to wear a hat - to be precise, an £6 trilby hat - was awakened.

Hmm.  Not quite the stylistic English gentleman that I was going for.

I tried this hat in different sizes, but no matter which one I went for, they all looked rubbish.  In desperation I tried on all of their range of hats, in the hopes that one might suit.

I felt like some kind of rapper.  And what is that pattern on the underside of the hat - snakeskin?  I think it had a felt underside, because rappers want comfy hats.

A Union Jack beanie hat.  No words are necessary.

I think the last one is actually the best one, and I am actually toying with going back and buying one. 

Yes, a flatcap.  Yorkshire through and through.

If you like the look of any of these hats, get over to the George website!


  1. I think you look good in all of them. Buy them all. Wear them all, carry them around with you in a bag, so you can change with each conversation. Do you mind if I use this idea?

    1. Please do Tim, it's been quite an enjoyable blog post. I also have a selection of stick-on mustaches but I'm saving those for another day.


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