Monday, 6 April 2015

Personal Qualities

I got thinking about this after watching this video about coolness by Ant - it's interesting how different things are cool, depending on the person and the situation. For me, someone with a PC kitted out with a Nvidia GTX Titan Z graphics card is cool.  For others, it's someone with a leather jacket riding a motorbike. So clearly, someone in a leather jacket riding a motorbike and carrying an Nvidia GTX Titan Z graphics card must be the epitome of cool.

Another quality is being adventurous.  Everyone likes to think that they are adventurous, yet how many of us actually explore - how many of us go on holidays and explore beyond the hotel equipped with all of the comforts (and more) of home, or go to a restaurant and chooses something on the menu that we're not familiar with?

Your Dictionary lists about 90 positive personal qualities, and being the humble soul that I am (and of course totally unbiased), I would put myself down as having about all but perhaps 5 of them, and some of those 5 I don't understand (quixotic, for example?  Something about attacking windmills?).  Of course the reality is that I, like anyone else, would hardly ever show all 80+ positive qualities at the same time (and hopefully I wouldn't exhibit all 90 negative qualities at the same time either), but there are moments in your life that you can recall being one or another of the qualities.  Riding on a rubber ring out into the Mediterranean (being unable to swim) probably counts as being a risk-taker, whilst hopefully there are other occasions - although none come immediately to mind - where I could be classed as sensible.

My YouTube channel has been a bit quiet lately, but I did get a stack of videos recorded over the weekend and published one today - apparently I have an alter ego called Vladimir.  Enjoy.

Lastly, Jeremy Crow has kindly allowed me to guest post on his technology blog, where I talk about how technology is going to change over the next ten years - stop by and say hi :)

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  1. I still think the original 8 bit Nintendo with the robot that plays against you is pretty cool. Then games started getting too fast, Still never mastered Sonic the Hedgehog :)


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