Monday, 11 May 2015

Do You Like Meat?

So, I made a new video last week - let me ask you,do you still eat solid meat?!?

No longer.


Apart from managing the miss the top of my head off the video, it's not too bad, and I hope to spawn a series of spin-offs - CRUNCHYBANG for iced liquid food, VEGGIEBANG for Vegetarians, and perhaps even SECRET VEGGIEBANG which looks like VEGGIEBANG but actually has meat in it.

In other news, Alyson Shane kindly featured the Travelling Book Project on her blogtalking about how the project was crowdfunded.

I've had a great response from people with guest blog posts which I'm lining up to go out in June, thank you to everyone that has responded.  If you'd like to perhaps get a post on here, let me know!


  1. Don't let the accent fool you. This is a very very sick man ,,, Of course that is one of the best things about him lol

  2. Jeremy Crow warned me not to earn these at work, because I'd start laughing and people around me wouldn't understand. I didn't take his advice. I now want some "meety bang."

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