Friday, 29 May 2015

The News Quiz

BLOG HEALTH WARNING: This blog post contains satire aimed at the old fashioned "I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms" style complaint letter regarding an unimportant issue typically sent by people with nothing better to do.  I like the News Quiz a lot and will be listening tonight at 6.30pm to see if they've mentioned my letter :)

I was so incensed the other day that I was forced to fire off an email to "The News Quiz", a popular BBC Radio 4 show.  See the email sent below.

Mike Raven

10:11 (1 minute ago)
to newsquiz
Dear Sir,

This morning I was listening to the latest episode of "The News Quiz" on my mobile phone via the BBC iPlayer "app" whilst putting away laundry and whitening my teeth.  I was somewhat distressed to discover that in certain parts, particularly the section about "Doctor Big Boy" that I nearly leaked whitening fluid all over my clean washing.  This was particularly awkward as I was putting away coloureds.

Please advise people in similar situations so that they are aware of this danger in future.


Mike Raven

I await their response.

(While I'm blogging - this is my 399th blog post. I haven't actually planned much for my 400th beyond saying "wow - this is my 400th post" but I'm looking forward to getting it under my belt!)


  1. You should post a blank page and then do a 401st post and make up some story about how Egyptians were terrified of the number 400 or something lol

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